Dependable self-storage solutions near Whangaparaoa offer efficient space management at a wallet-friendly price. One of the prime advantages of Acco’s storage facilities close to Whangaparaoa is their convenient accessibility. Located just a short 5-minute drive from the highway on Postman Road in Dairy Flat, our location ensures effortless access for retrieving your belongings. This strategic placement guarantees convenient service for residents in nearby areas like Silverdale and Coatesville.

Our selection encompasses two types of storage units, granting you versatile leasing options to match diverse needs. Whether you require temporary storage during a move or extended solutions for seasonal items, our units come with adjustable lease durations. This adaptability guarantees that you only pay for the storage space you genuinely require, providing an economical solution.


What we offer

Choose between our two self-storage units sizes

Unit 1

Unit 1

Unit size: L = 8m x W = 4m 

Unit 2

Unit 2

Unit size: L = 9m x W = 4m 

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Safety and Convenience - Storage Units Near Whangaparaoa

Amidst the ever-changing weather of New Zealand, our storage units establish a secure sanctuary for all your possessions. Engineered to endure challenging conditions, these robust units shield your items from continuous heavy rain. 

Safety holds utmost importance at Whangaparaoa’s storage facilities. Integrating advanced features like round-the-clock surveillance cameras and automated access controls, we ensure unwavering security. This assurance lets you rest knowing your valuables are in good hands. With access open seven days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm daily, convenience is at your fingertips. 


Our Whangaparaoa storage units provide the opportunity to reclaim valuable space in your home or workplace. Whether it’s optimising your living area, storing seasonal items, or decluttering office supplies, these self-storage solutions offer a seamless approach to creating space and maintaining an orderly environment. 


Acco’s Whangaparaoa storage units offer unmatched convenience and flexibility, making them a pragmatic choice for those seeking dependable self-storage within the Whangaparaoa area.

Why choose us

Why Opt for Self Storage in Whangaparaoa?

What are the Benefits of Using Self Storage for Personal or Business Items?

Self-storage units offer a myriad of advantages, making them a preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike. Firstly, they provide essential extra space, particularly beneficial during significant life transitions such as moving, downsizing, or home renovations. Whether you need temporary storage for seasonal items or a more long-term solution for larger furniture pieces, self-storage units offer a flexible solution to meet diverse needs.


An important perk of self-storage units is their flexibility. With two sizes available, users can select the perfect space to suit their specific requirements and budget constraints. Whether it’s a few boxes or substantial equipment, an appropriate unit size is available. This flexibility ensures efficient use of space and cost-effectiveness.


Security is another key advantage offered by self-storage units. Reputable facilities, like Acco Storage, implement advanced security measures, including 24-hour surveillance systems and automated gated access, ensuring the safety of stored belongings. This provides peace of mind, particularly for valuable or sentimental items.


For individuals seeking to declutter their homes or workplaces, self-storage units facilitate organisation efforts. By temporarily storing less frequently used items, individuals can create additional space, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. This organisation can boost productivity and reduce stress by fostering a more orderly environment.

Why Businesses Utilise Self Storage in Whangaparaoa

For businesses, self-storage in Whangaparaoa offers a practical solution. It provides a cost-effective method for inventory management, document storage, and equipment housing. By utilising self-storage units rather than renting expensive commercial spaces, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and decrease overhead costs. If your business depends on daily shipments to customers, having a convenient space for storing packaging supplies or additional product stock can reduce clutter in your office, creating more space for your staff and business operations. Acco Storage’s convenient location allows you to easily replenish your supplies on your way to or from the office, offering a simple solution for maximising office space. In summary, self-storage units offer additional space, flexibility, security, organisation, and cost-effectiveness, making them invaluable for those in need of convenient storage solutions. Explore the self-storage Whangaparaoa residents are using by reaching out to Acco Storage today.

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