Dependable self-storage solutions in close proximity to Red Beach offer effective space management at a cost-effective price.


One of the notable advantages of Acco’s storage facilities near Red Beach is their convenient accessibility. Positioned just a quick 5-minute drive from the highway on Postman Road in Dairy Flat, our location guarantees effortless access for retrieving your possessions. This strategic placement guarantees convenient service for residents in other neighbouring areas such as Gulf Harbour, Whangaparaoa, Silverdale, and Coatesville.


Our selection encompasses two varieties of storage units, offering you versatile leasing options to cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re seeking temporary storage during a move or extended solutions for seasonal items, our units come with flexible lease durations. This adaptability ensures that you solely pay for the storage space you genuinely require, providing an economical and efficient solution.


What we offer

Choose between our two self-storage units sizes

Unit 1

Unit 1

Unit size: L = 8m x W = 4m 

Unit 2

Unit 2

Unit size: L = 9m x W = 4m 


Secure your belongings using our reliable storage units near Red Beach.

Amidst Red Beach’s changing coastal weather patterns, our storage units create a protective refuge for all your possessions. Engineered to endure challenging conditions, these robust units safeguard your items from continuous heavy rainfall.


Safety is paramount at our storage facilities. Utilising advanced features like continuous surveillance cameras and automated access controls, we ensure unwavering security. This assurance lets you rest assured, knowing that your valuables are in capable hands. With access available seven days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm daily, convenience is within easy reach.


The Acco storage units offer an opportunity to reclaim valuable space in your home or workplace. Whether it involves optimising your living area, storing seasonal items, or decluttering office supplies, these self-storage solutions provide a seamless method for creating space and maintaining an orderly environment.


Acco’s storage units provide unmatched convenience and adaptability, offering a practical choice for those seeking trustworthy self-storage within the Red Beach vicinity.

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